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Pas de stock : Délai contactez ou +32 476 335 040

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DARK LIKE A SHADOW - All great achievements require time. The best bowlers in the world understand the dedication it takes to compete at the level they do. Storm understands the same level of commitment is required to perfect the craft of designing bowling balls. Three decades of manufacturing wasn’t without its obstacles, however. It’s equally as important to learn from both the successes and hurdles in this industry to become the leader of bowling technology and innovation.

SPECIALLY CRAFTED - Proper ball motion is the key to unlocking your full potential. A bowler is not able to see the obstacles in bowling. Relying on the signals given from how the ball reads the lane becomes imperative. Make no mistake, the type of ball used is equally critical. The Shadow Lock will produce a visible, discernable motion that bowlers from all skill levels will appreciate.

In a very short time, the RAD-X Core has established its reputation within the Storm ranks. Forged from the building blocks of Radial Accelerating Disk™ technology, this weight block brings real substance – a fast, tight spin radius with no shortage of movement down the lane.

R2S is synonymous with some of the most successful balls in recent history like the Hy-Road™, Frantic™, and the IQ Tour™. It is renowned for clearing the front part of the lane with an unprecedented movement on the backend. The consistency of this shell through the heads is something to be marveled at.


Fiche technique

caractéristiques techniques "cover"
caractéristiques techniques "surface"
1500 Grit / Polish
Type de boule
Caractéristiques techniques "core"

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